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4 Ways You Can Get Roadside Assistance For Your Vehicle

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If you own a vehicle, roadside assistance is critical for those precarious moments when your car stalls by the road. Thanks to this service, you can get the help you need so that you don't get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Roadside assistance entails services like tyre replacement, car jump-starts, re-fuelling and towing services, among others. In total, you can get roadside assistance from several providers in the industry. Read on to see who they are and what they can offer you.

Motor vehicle insurance companies

Most insurance companies provide roadside covers to their clients. A roadside insurance cover may be offered as an option or as part of a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover. A roadside insurance cover will provide you with basic services like towing, tyre changing, locksmith services and windscreen repairs. On the downside, insurance companies will only provide this service for a limited number of times per year. The towing distance, too, is limited to a number of miles from your roadside location.

Motoring associations

Motoring associations also offer roadside services. Most motoring associations will cater to any type of car. Others only service specific types of vehicles e.g. trucks, trailers, private cars, etc. while other associations are a members-only club where you have to pay an annual fee to enjoy their services. Motoring associations offer the same services provided by insurance services. However, you are not limited to the number of times you can seek their help.

Local garages

Auto garages are a common provider of roadside services. They are ideal in that you can always get a garage for timely service no matter where you are. Also, unlike other roadside service providers, garages will not only tow your vehicles, they can also repair your vehicle if there are mechanical problems. Garage services are also open to anyone at any time, regardless of the type of car you have or your location. If you have an insurance cover for roadside assistance, you can still seek a claim after getting towing services from a garage.

Car manufacturers

Last but not least, you can also get roadside service from your car's manufacturer. Most major brands provide this service for their clients in Australia. Unlike other providers listed above, manufacturers offer more than just the basic assistance to get you out of trouble. They offer added perks such as transport money (if your car will be towed), optional car (if your car will have to stay in the garage), accommodation and even medical costs. However, the downside is that most manufacturers only offer this service for newly-purchased cars.

No matter how careful you are with your driving, it is inevitable that you will require roadside assistance at one point. When you do, reach out to the above providers for some timely help. There are also businesses like Dyno Tow that offer towing services 24 hours a day and will take your vehicle to wherever you request.