Towing Recreational Vehicles: Safety Tips and More

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Why You Should Not Use Non-Professionals for Emergency Towing

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It is very risky to ask a non-professional to tow your vehicle after it has broken down on a busy highway. This article discusses some of the key reasons why it is unwise to ask a non-professional to tow your crippled vehicle to an auto repair shop.

Lack of Expertise

Experienced towing service providers usually examine a crippled vehicle in order to determine the best way to get it to a repair facility safely. For instance, the tow company may not tow a hybrid vehicle until they are sure that all electrical systems are free from short circuits or leaks that can result in a fire during the towing process. A non-professional may not have the skills or experience to make an accurate assessment of the condition of the vehicle before towing it. Consequently, you face the risk that your vehicle could sustain additional damage while it is being towed to a repair facility.

Lack of Adequate Equipment

Emergency towing companies usually ensure that all their teams have a full set of equipment in order to deal with any situation that may arise when they go to rescue a stranded motorist. That kit may include spare tyres and all the tools needed to secure the vehicle during the towing process. A non-professional may not be adequately equipped to help you when you need emergency towing. Consequently, you will be compelled to improvise when a needed item is missing. For instance, you may end up towing your vehicle without replacing the flat tyre with a spare tyre. This measure will expose that flat tyre and the related systems to further damage during the towing process. Professional towing would have saved you from incurring the added cost of replacing the components that are damaged during that DIY tow.

Increased Liability

As already stated, non-professionals are likely to improvise when they find that they don't have a tool or item that is crucial during the towing process. This can increase the risks that your vehicle and other road users face during the towing process. For instance, the poorly secured vehicle can sway and hit another passing vehicle. Your insurance company may decline to pay for the damage to the other vehicle because you didn't tow the vehicle in the recommended way. Avoid those extra costs by hiring licensed and insured professionals who will take care of any eventualities that can occur during the towing process.

The best way to get out of an emergency is to have an emergency response plan before the emergency arises. Always have the contacts of a trusted 24-hour emergency towing company so that you will contact them as soon as you need their help. It will then be unnecessary to resort to asking non-professionals for roadside assistance.