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What to Tell a Tow Truck Driver When You Call for a Tow

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When you call a tow truck driver to have your car picked up for any reason, no doubt they'll ask where you need your car taken, where you're currently located, and why you need a tow. However, there is some information you want to be sure you discuss with them when on the phone so you know nothing is overlooked and that they can manage the service or towing you need. Note a few things to tell a tow truck driver when you call if they don't ask about these beforehand.

Note if you're stuck in a ditch, mud, and the like

If you tell your tow truck driver that your car needs a tow because it's not running, when it's actually not running because it's stuck in deep mud, in a ditch, and the like, they need to know this. They may send a flatbed truck out to tow your car when instead, they need a truck with a hitch and crane arm to pull your car out of its location. Be sure you note if your car is stuck and any treacherous driving conditions so the tow company sends the right type of truck.

Note if it's been damaged in a collision

If your car has been in a collision, you want to have it towed as it may not be safe to drive, even if it's still running. You also want to tell the tow truck driver how it's been damaged; they may need to send a flatbed for the car if it can't be towed on its wheels, or a truck with a crane arm that can literally lift your car onto the back of a truck. If your car is leaking oils or other fluids, they may also want to protect their own truck or may need to wrap up parts of your car so that it doesn't continue to leak while being towed.

Tell them if you need a ride

It's not unusual for a car owner to need to ride with the tow truck when they have their car picked up, but your tow driver may have other stops to make after getting your car and may not have room if you have your kids with you, or the company may simply not allow passengers in the tow vehicles. If you want to ride along with your car, be sure you ask about this and know that it is permissible; otherwise, you may need to call a friend or a taxi in addition to the tow truck.