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Towing Services Hire: 3 Main Types of Trucks

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There are diverse services offered by towing companies including providing vehicle jumpstarts, delivering fuel, changing the tyres and repairing minor damages. However, the most important service are towing of inoperable cars after breakdown and hauling of trailers or even boats.

It is crucial for you to choose a reliable towing company which offers emergency twenty-four hour assistance, prompt response and accurate estimates for the services provided. This will limit the risk of unexpected charges and the possibility of remaining stranded on insecure roads. In addition, you should ensure that the towing service has the right tow truck resources to handle the task before calling for assistance.

Here is a short description of the main types of towing trucks available for general hire.

Flatbed Trucks

As implied, the flatbed tow truck has long truck bed without a roof or sides. This design allows simple and quick loading of the vehicles during the towing activity. Usually, the truck bed is inclined using hydraulic mechanisms to create a ramp which will allow the vehicle to be driven up.

If the car is completely inoperable or you are towing stationary items like boats, a winch will be used to pull the pertinent object onto the bed. This is the most reliable method of towing automotives because it avoids potential detriments of dragging the vehicle.

You should hire a flatbed tow truck for long-distance haulage and when moving a vehicle with low ground clearance. In addition, this is an ideal choice for towing heavy vehicles like four-wheel drive trucks as well as expensive cars.

Hook and Chain Trucks

Hook and chain tow trucks are not used frequently because the towing style can cause damage to the bumpers as well as the front end parts of the vehicle. Basically, this truck has resilient chains which are wrapped around the axles and frames of the automotive to facilitate towing. The vehicle is exposed to abrasion so this type of tow can lead to scratches and small dents. You should hire the hook and chain tow truck if you are moving a vehicle which has been seriously wrecked in an accident or is out of commission.

Wheel-lift Truck

The wheel-lift truck is similar to the hook and chain alternative in terms of the towing style. The primary difference is that this truck uses a metal yoke instead of chains. This component is designed to cradle the rear or front wheels therefore there is minimal risk of damage. The wheel-lift truck is an ideal choice for standard tows.