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When to Call for Towing Services Rather Than Driving Your Car

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Your car doesn't need to break down in the middle of the road in order for it to need towing services; very often there are repairs to a car that are needed which make it unsafe to drive even a short distance. Trying to drive your car when it needs these repairs, even if you can start it and steer it, will mean putting it at risk for even more damage or putting yourself at risk for an accident.

Note the following times when it's better to call for towing services rather than driving your car:

1. When the suspension needs repairs

If your car dips severely over one tire or you're driving it home and notice that one end seems to slam toward the pavement with every bump and bounce, chances are your car is having problems with the suspension. You may have broken a spring or shock or caused other damage, but driving your car with this problem can lead to serious repair bills.

The suspension cushions your car against bumps in the road, so hitting a pothole with a broken shock can mean bending the car's rim or even breaking an axle, two very expensive repairs.

2. When dashboard lights come on

Your car's engine needs oil to keep it lubricated and cool, and when the oil light comes on typically the oil levels are low. Driving it without oil can allow the engine to just seize up. If the thermostat light comes on, the engine is running hotter than it should and this can cause severe damage. The brake light usually means your brakes are not functioning as they should; your brake fluid may be low or the brakes may be sticking.

Whatever the reason and whatever the light, even if you can make a quick repair on your own by adding oil to the engine or adding coolant, you don't want to drive your car. A fluid leak can mean that the fluid leaks out completely while on the road, and problems with brake parts can mean the brakes seizing up while you drive. It's better to have your car towed and the reason for the light investigated so you can then have the problem fixed properly.

3. When the steering is difficult

If the steering pulls to one side, you may have a very flat tire or problems with the suspension, or the car may need steering fluid. In any case, this is not a problem that will fix itself but which will probably just get worse as you drive. Your steering may freeze up completely when on the road, so it's better to have your car towed to a repair shop.

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