Towing Services Hire: 3 Main Types of Trucks

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There are diverse services offered by towing companies including providing vehicle jumpstarts, delivering fuel, changing the tyres and repairing minor damages. However, the most important service are towing of inoperable cars after breakdown and hauling of trailers or even boats. It is crucial for you to choose a reliable towing company which offers emergency twenty-four hour assistance, prompt response and accurate estimates for the services provided. This will limit the risk of unexpected charges and the possibility of remaining stranded on insecure roads. In addition, you should ensure that the towing service has the right tow truck resources to handle the task before calling for assistance. Here is a short description of the main types of towing trucks available for general hire. Flatbed Trucks As implied, the flatbed tow truck has long truck bed without a roof or sides. This design allows simple and quick loading of the vehicles during the towing activity. Usually, the truck bed is inclined using hydraulic mechanisms to create a ramp which will allow the vehicle to be driven up. If the car is completely inoperable or you are towing stationary items like boats, a winch will be used to pull the pertinent object onto the bed. This is the most reliable method of towing automotives because it avoids potential detriments of dragging the vehicle. You should hire a flatbed tow truck for long-distance haulage and when moving a vehicle with low ground clearance. In addition, this is an ideal choice for towing heavy vehicles like four-wheel drive trucks as well as expensive cars. Hook and Chain Trucks Hook and chain tow trucks are not used frequently because the towing style can cause damage to the bumpers as well as the front end parts of the vehicle. Basically, this truck has resilient chains which are wrapped around the axles and frames of the automotive to facilitate towing. The vehicle is exposed to abrasion so this type of tow can lead to scratches and small dents. You should hire the hook and chain tow truck if you are moving a vehicle which has been seriously wrecked in an accident or is out of commission. Wheel-lift Truck The wheel-lift truck is similar to the hook and chain alternative in terms of the towing style. The primary difference is that this truck uses a metal yoke instead of chains. This component is designed to cradle the rear or front wheels therefore there is minimal risk of damage. The wheel-lift truck is an ideal choice for standard...

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Tips on Choosing the Right Towing Company

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Choosing the right towing company can go a long way in helping you cope with the stress brought forth by your car’s breakdown. If you’ve chosen a wrong towing company before, you know exactly how things can take a worse turn easily. Scrutinising the forthcoming pointers will enable you to choose the right towing company and make the best out of an exasperating situation. It is of paramount importance for you to make sure the car is safely off the road first: Pricing It is advisable for you to press for a fixed price, flat fee and ask the providers to be transparent about other miscellaneous extra charges. If the towing company hesitates on agreeing with the total price, stating there could be numerous other factors to consider before agreeing on a final deal, perhaps, it is in your best interest to tell them that there are numerous other towing services to consider too. Good Practices The right towing company must utilise flatbed towing. Flatbed towing is necessary because it prevents further damage to the vehicle as the entire vehicle is lifted onto the towing truck. The car is completely level and firmly placed; the wheels are also locked securely. There are just too many things that can go wrong with towing service providers that use the traditional hook-and-chain tow trucks. If the chain is attached improperly to the rack beneath your vehicle, your rack may face damages and your vehicle will be thrown out of alignment. This, in turn, will also cause your tires to wear down easily every time you hit the road. Extra Services A good towing company knows the importance of staying abreast with changing times and providing other services. You can reap greater benefits if you choose a company that provides complementary services, including roadside assistance, auctioning and secure vehicle storage. So, how can you derive extra benefits exactly? Well, if you are stranded in the middle of a road and you cannot seem to unlock the car door, instead of towing your car all the way to the nearest mechanic or service station and making you pay for the towing charges, the personnel will simply help you unlock the car door. Your car also might just require a jump-start. So, instead of towing your car and making a mountain out of a molehill, they will simply help jump-start your car.  Location Many towing companies offer their services far and wide. They might advertise their services in your locality even if they are established miles away. So, when opting for a towing company, you should be aware of the proximity of those towing service providers. To learn more, contact a company such as Lightning Towing with any questions you...

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4 Ways You Can Get Roadside Assistance For Your Vehicle

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If you own a vehicle, roadside assistance is critical for those precarious moments when your car stalls by the road. Thanks to this service, you can get the help you need so that you don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Roadside assistance entails services like tyre replacement, car jump-starts, re-fuelling and towing services, among others. In total, you can get roadside assistance from several providers in the industry. Read on to see who they are and what they can offer you. Motor vehicle insurance companies Most insurance companies provide roadside covers to their clients. A roadside insurance cover may be offered as an option or as part of a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover. A roadside insurance cover will provide you with basic services like towing, tyre changing, locksmith services and windscreen repairs. On the downside, insurance companies will only provide this service for a limited number of times per year. The towing distance, too, is limited to a number of miles from your roadside location. Motoring associations Motoring associations also offer roadside services. Most motoring associations will cater to any type of car. Others only service specific types of vehicles e.g. trucks, trailers, private cars, etc. while other associations are a members-only club where you have to pay an annual fee to enjoy their services. Motoring associations offer the same services provided by insurance services. However, you are not limited to the number of times you can seek their help. Local garages Auto garages are a common provider of roadside services. They are ideal in that you can always get a garage for timely service no matter where you are. Also, unlike other roadside service providers, garages will not only tow your vehicles, they can also repair your vehicle if there are mechanical problems. Garage services are also open to anyone at any time, regardless of the type of car you have or your location. If you have an insurance cover for roadside assistance, you can still seek a claim after getting towing services from a garage. Car manufacturers Last but not least, you can also get roadside service from your car’s manufacturer. Most major brands provide this service for their clients in Australia. Unlike other providers listed above, manufacturers offer more than just the basic assistance to get you out of trouble. They offer added perks such as transport money (if your car will be towed), optional car (if your car will have to stay in the garage), accommodation and even medical costs. However, the downside is that most manufacturers only offer this service for newly-purchased cars. No matter how careful you are with your driving, it is inevitable that you will require roadside assistance at one point. When you do, reach out to the above providers for some timely help. There are also businesses like Dyno Tow that offer towing services 24 hours a day and will take your vehicle to wherever you...

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When to Call for Towing Services Rather Than Driving Your Car

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Your car doesn’t need to break down in the middle of the road in order for it to need towing services; very often there are repairs to a car that are needed which make it unsafe to drive even a short distance. Trying to drive your car when it needs these repairs, even if you can start it and steer it, will mean putting it at risk for even more damage or putting yourself at risk for an accident. Note the following times when it’s better to call for towing services rather than driving your car: 1. When the suspension needs repairs If your car dips severely over one tire or you’re driving it home and notice that one end seems to slam toward the pavement with every bump and bounce, chances are your car is having problems with the suspension. You may have broken a spring or shock or caused other damage, but driving your car with this problem can lead to serious repair bills. The suspension cushions your car against bumps in the road, so hitting a pothole with a broken shock can mean bending the car’s rim or even breaking an axle, two very expensive repairs. 2. When dashboard lights come on Your car’s engine needs oil to keep it lubricated and cool, and when the oil light comes on typically the oil levels are low. Driving it without oil can allow the engine to just seize up. If the thermostat light comes on, the engine is running hotter than it should and this can cause severe damage. The brake light usually means your brakes are not functioning as they should; your brake fluid may be low or the brakes may be sticking. Whatever the reason and whatever the light, even if you can make a quick repair on your own by adding oil to the engine or adding coolant, you don’t want to drive your car. A fluid leak can mean that the fluid leaks out completely while on the road, and problems with brake parts can mean the brakes seizing up while you drive. It’s better to have your car towed and the reason for the light investigated so you can then have the problem fixed properly. 3. When the steering is difficult If the steering pulls to one side, you may have a very flat tire or problems with the suspension, or the car may need steering fluid. In any case, this is not a problem that will fix itself but which will probably just get worse as you drive. Your steering may freeze up completely when on the road, so it’s better to have your car towed to a repair shop. To learn more, contact a company like First Choice...

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Five Important Services Offered by Towing Companies

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There are diverse driving hazards and unforeseen occurrences on the road therefore the services provided by towing companies are indispensable. As a vehicle owner, it is important for you to have contact information on a reliable service provider. An ideal towing company should be licensed to operate in the area of operation, reputable, affordable and available at all hours. Here are the main helpful services that you can engage from towing businesses: Standard Towing The most apparent but crucial service provided by towing companies is standard towing of vehicles. You can request for this assistance if your car has broken down and repairs cannot be conducted within a short period. Engine problems are the most common issues that necessitate this type of response. You should rely on your trusted towing professionals for the service particularly during late hours. This will safeguard you against scammers who misrepresent themselves so as to take advantage of your vulnerability. Unlocking and Jump Starts If you have accidentally locked your keys in your vehicle, towing companies have the equipment that will provide easy access. The service is vital if you do not have a specialised auto locksmith and the total charges might be lower. In addition, you should contact the company if you need to have our vehicle jump started. This will prevent you from being stranded at night or in inclement weather since batteries function at lower capacities in extreme cold. Minor Repairs Tow truck operators are generally good mechanics so they can provide minor repairs instead of towing the vehicle to a repair shop. This is an important service for vehicle owners without technical skills for tasks such as changing tyres, reconnecting engine parts and general troubleshooting. Moreover, if you do not have a spare tyre with you and you have experienced a blowout or flat tyre, the towing company can take you home. Specialized Towing Tow truck services are useful in dislodging vehicles which are stuck in a ditch, mud or snow. You can also get specialized towing of industrial equipment or heavy commercial vehicles. This task is carried out by heavy duty tow trucks with advanced payload to handle such automotive. Other types of vehicles and vessels which can be towed include motor homes, boats, buses and luxury limousines. Fuel Delivery If you run out of fuel particularly in a remote area, you should call a towing company to deliver a small amount. This is a safer and more expedient option compared to walking and searching for nearby service stations. If you want to know more, contact a professional towing...

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